Friday, January 16, 2015

Pastor's Letter - January 16, 2015

Dear Friends, 

We continue our journey:  Off to a Great Start!; as we  think about our relationship with God  in this new year.  We began by thinking about new beginnings  and drawing closer to God.  We signified that renewing of our relationship with God, by renewing our baptism.  Last week, we reflected on Samuel’s experience of God’s call and what God’s call might look like in our lives. 
This Sunday, we take the next step.  We are called, but for what?    While the overarching mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ is the same, what each of us is called to do so that this mission is fulfilled, will vary.   Jesus sent his followers out on a mission. We will look at Jesus’ instructions for carrying out this mission and see how Jesus’ instructions are relevant for our mission today, as individuals and as a church.  
I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday.   Please continue to pray for the mission at Buckhall UMC:  to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
Yours in Christ,